Holistic Consultation

This is where the craft of gathering the information of your health needs and concerns are met with my guidance of diet, lifestyle modifications, and herbal allies to help you on the path of healing.

The first consultation is priced $50-70$ sliding scale (also available are lower rates/work trade for those that identify as QPOC) unless otherwise discussed (I don't like to turn any one away if help is needed) with 20$ for every necessary follow up.   This doesn't include the costs of recommended herbal medicine.  The first intake usually takes 2 hours depending on your needs and a follow-up can be 30 minutes to an hour.  A full intake form and a food journal will be sent to you once we have determined a time to do the consultation.

Community Supported Herbalism-CSH (click here for more info)

House Call Care

Anyone in need of herbal support in their home due to illness, post partum care albeit miscarriage, abortion, delivery; I'm happy to come and provide support through the spectrum of herbs, heart, and guidance of self care.  Price depends on services and can be arranged by contacting me.

"After seeking treatment for my ears from specialist for years, nothing was helping my fungal issue. Seed and Thistle Apothecary made me a special blend tincture that got to the root of my ear troubles and I couldn't be happier."-anonymous client


"Lara was such an intentional and honest practitioner, she put such clear time and thought into my personal situation and her recommendations for ways I could strengthen my vitality and health. Too often health care practitioners lack the ability to listen to the whole story of the person sitting with them- Lara is not one of them. She truly seeks to understand the whole person and offers treatment plans accordingly. It was such a positive experience and if I was in the area I would definitely continue to support her services. Lara changed the way I experience herbs." - Virginia Newman


My approach to healing:

The approach I take in understanding health is that our human bodies, as in Nature, have the inherent tools to respond, cope, and address to changes in our environment.  These mechanisms perform in variety of ways and have the potential to swing to a degree of illness when things become out of balance.  Illness is always a place in which our bodies are telling us something.  The nature of which our bodies work to heal can be expressed as the Vital Force, in the Western tradition.  Yes, it actually sounds like its very own Super Hero.

Vitalism can be likened to ‘chi/qi’ in Chinese Medicine.  As Paul Bergner describes in, The Healing Power of Ginseng, the vital force“is not as well developed as the Chinese concept ofchi.   Vital force, as seen in the West, is a vague but important energy that animates the body, coordinates bodily functions, and produces symptoms in an attempt to heal any imbalance.”  Clinical herbalism is one avenue when applied correctly, of a few others in alternative medicine, that allow for Vitalism to be adequately expressed in the body to achieve balance.

These are some of the concepts I am working from when approaching either you as a client and what I hope to impart in the information I share about herbs I offer in the monthly CSH.  Some of us might have symptoms that conventional medicine doesn’t recognize as illness until it becomes a chronic condition.  In that case, I would like to help you become more self aware of your own body and develop a lifestyle for yourself that’s optimal for your needs. 

This work is cultivated through a consultation that includes an intake form and food journal. 

Seed and Thistle Apothecary- the medicine:

I make everything by hand and with the particular aesthetic of the nostalgic and the folk.  Seed and Thistle aims to honor those before us that laid the groundwork of folk medicine, and thereby apply that to my medicine and handmade work.  I want to bring you a product holistic in its entirety so that you can taste the fresh plant essence and see the long time tradition of medicine making.

All plants have been either ethically wildcrafted, which means plants were harvested in a way that does not adversely affect a stand or the local habitat of that plant.  I harvest at the appropriate season for the plant depending on the part that is getting harvested and I try to work from different locations so one particular spot can have time to rejuvenate.  I also do not harvest plants that are rare or endangered and that’s where my garden comes into play!  All plants are grown in 100% organic soil and earth that has been fed and nourished just as I hope to do the same with our bodies.  Soils and our gut flora are more similar than we realize!  As Hippocrates once said, “All diseases begin in the gut.”

I use 100% organic grain alcohol for tinctures.  All tinctures are made with fresh plant material unless otherwise noted.  All beeswax and oils, syrups, ghee and vinegar are organic.