The good work with the land, the plants, and the medicine relies on the help of other folks.  Seed and Thistle happily welcomes the help of others although this help relies more on organized work party days.  Please contact me if you're interested in volunteering.



Seed and Thistle will be running another year of the apprenticeship program. The 2017 Apprenticeship is currently full.  Apprenticeship includes monthly formal classes such as 'Herbal Actions', 'Traditional Western Energetics' at the beginning of the year onto basic medicinal plant cultivation, medicine making and more during the warmer seasons.  This year we will also have Kathleen Coulton, who is the co teacher for our youth programs, as well as a medicine maker with Cascadia Folk Medicine.  She will teach a couple of classes on medicine making.  Included are some wildcrafting trips and field trips. Also for 2017 we will have Gradey Proctor teach a class on Botany and Peter McCoy from Radical Mycology teach a class on medicinal mushroom cultivation.  There will be some education around the development of the pop up mobile clinic, The Seasonal Wellness Clinic, which will launch in the summer of next year.  Orientation for 2017 will be on December 6th, at 7pm.  Please contact me if interested.  Fees for the full program are $800-$1,000 and there are other options available.  The Seed and Thistle apprenticeship program requires self motivation and initiative to spend a lot of personal time and study, while there is guided direction on books and references and materials.

Talking about the medicinal virtues of Nettles, Urtica dioica, with 2015 Apprentice, Cai.

Talking about the medicinal virtues of Nettles, Urtica dioica, with 2015 Apprentice, Cai.

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Image of Tilly, a volunteer, helping to process a harvest of Elecampane and Marshmallow root.