Atabey Medicine Instructor Bios


Brittney de Alicante

Brittney's journey with plants and plant medicine is at once just beginning and decades in the making. Growing up a chubby, mixed kid in the burgeoning, fitness-fixated Portland, Oregon, Brittney's relationship to food and wellness started rough, but her awareness of self and the interconnectedness of food systems, colonization, and healing grew during her undergraduate studies of gender, race, class, and body size. Now, two years into apprenticeships with Seed and Thistle Apothecary and Atabey Medicine, Brittney is looking forward to engaging others in dialogues regarding food, plant medicine, and decolonization.   

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Megan Hawkins

Meghan is a working class folk herbalist, intuitive channel, tarot reader, earth friend, energy worker, nutritional counselor, and spiritual coach. Meghan's work with the mysteries and plants is fueled by her devotion to the remembrance and reclamation of ancestral wisdom, plant medicine, animism, and land-based spiritual kinship. In her experience, both Earth medicine and divination provide a radical roadmap to decolonization by offering us liberated forms of thought and being that transcend binaries, trauma, disconnection, and internalized oppression. Through her work as Moonseas Tarot, Meghan offers people direct access to their mythic and mystic selves, reigniting their direct connection to source-wisdom as well as the elemental spirits of plants and place. 


Jeevan Singh

Jeevan Singh is a doctor of East Asian medicine who specializes in womb and pelvic health. She is a womb-listener, menstrual activist and birth keeper, with a special love of supporting patients through their moon cycles, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. Plants and minerals are strong allies in her work. She weaves their wisdom into her practice through eastern and western herbalism, herbal pelvic steams, ritual plant baths, flower and stone essences and connecting with plant guides. A child of three continents, Jeevan’s recent lineage comes from India, Puerto Rico and Ecuador. She gives thanks daily to her ancestors and credits them with her passion and curiosity to learn about traditional systems of medicine from many different lands, including her own. Jeevan believes that by turning to traditional wisdom and re-aligning with the cycles of nature, we can find collective healing for the planet and all of its children.