What’s a CSH (Community Supported Herbalism)?

It is participating in a monthly share, in which I prepare herbal medicine from herbs that I organically grow or ethically harvest from the forest.  Each month you will receive seasonally appropriate medicine and in a variety of ways -including tinctures, cordials, medicinal tea blends, medicinal ghee, infused healing oils, salves, vinegars and fresh herbs!  The CSH is a way to support a local clinical herbalist and a step towards taking your health in your own hands!

It is ideal for the person curious to learn more about herbalism, the family building their natural medicine cabinet, anyone who would like to learn more of natural healing and self care, and those who support the local, sustainable and community based product model (like CSA’s!) You can participate in a small share, which will be 2 products a month (like a tincture and tea blend for example), or a large share that will comprise of 4 products a month.  Each monthly pickup will take place at my home in the NE Cully neighborhood unless arranged otherwise.

Within this monthly share, I provide two options for you to participate in Seed and Thistle’s CSH:


Option I. Your Customized Apothecary


  • Herbal Consultation- separate cost of 50-70$ sliding scale (can discuss alternatives if you cannot afford within this range)
  • Monthly pickup of herbs suited to you, your needs, and constitution
  • Educational material that comes with herbal preparations
  • Seasonal check in

This option includes an individual consultation or an intake. A first time intake can take up to 2.5 hours, in which I’m collecting your history, diet, current health and then assessing what herbs and foods most appropriately match with you.  After that, we will set up a time to meet and check in and I will also provide a monthly pickup of herbal preparations that will fit with your body’s needs.  We will review what has been working for you and what has not, meanwhile sharing in the bounty that the earth has to share. There is no set duration of time for pickup and it is left open for client to determine. 

Through this process, I also hope to have provided some education on plants that grow in our local bio-region and that are plants especially helpful for you.  We’ll use the seasons as our guides and the plants as are allies to restore your vitality back to its fullest potential.  Initial consultation is 50-70$ sliding scale and this does not include the price of medicine I might recommend for the initial intake and the cost of the monthly pickup share.   Included in this option will also be a check in every season to see what you like, what you don't prefer, and any refill requests you might have instead of receiving a new item. Monthly pickups in this option cost 35$.

By buying a share in the herbal consultation CSH, you will not only be receiving a regular supply of herbal preparations, you also get a regular consultation with an herbalist depending on your needs. My education is in holistic herbal healthcare in the Western Herbal Medicine tradition. My philosophy is to not just provide herbs for general ailments, but to rather take the relationship a step further and see what particular plants, with their varied makeup of energetics and constituents, match with certain individuals to support your body's healing mechanisms.  I think it’s important to know a client and if I want to truly help a person, then this involves gathering a person’s whole story.

Option II.  The General Apothecary


  • Monthly pickup of seasonally based herbal preparations
  • Basic educational material on preparations

No intake necessary. 

Sign up for a 6 month or 12 month pick up.  Each month will be a seasonally dependent herbal preparation.  For example, if you participate in a small share for March, your share might include dried Nettles for tea, and a tincture of Cleavers.  A large share might include those items in addition to a Cottonwood salve and an Oregon Grape vinegar elixir.  There will also be some educational information each month about each of the plants included in your share products, and suggestions on how to use the products. Monthly payment plan subscription (through paypal) or pay up front for the entire share duration. Monthly Share=30$ a month. This option is still educational and not as involved.




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One Herbal CSH share-30$

For a splurge of giving for a local herbalist, please donate here.  Also great for shipping costs and other variables not handled by other means.