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Repatriate, Redefine Healing Retreat in Boriken (Puerto Rico)


Repatriate, Redefine, Retreat March 2019
Retreat Dates: March 7,8,9,10

The island of Puerto Rico is called the island of enchantment due to its beautiful and diverse landscape and cultures. Our farm is located within the deep mountains of Mayaguez. Our farm is a sustainable project relying on the vision of community education and upliftment in food, healing and agroecology practices. We want to invite you to learn and create movement in your communities.

Vision & Mission: Our mission is to build food sovereignty, awareness of farming and cultivating practices through ancestral methods. We are building upon life by working with nature. Our principles are aligned with indigenous knowledge; by giving back to nature and earth we enable food sovereignty and prepare powerful healing remedies. We continue to work towards sustainable energy, sustainable farming, solar energy and social justice. Our movement in providing educational awareness is the fundamental part of our vision.

Our Offerings: We will be offering classes to students interested in understanding and wanting to align with nature; how to live within it and heal with it, truly! We are not interested in providing an educational opportunity as a trend or a fashion phase, we want to put in energy into those who truly feel that they are stewards of the earth and allies of indigenous healers and keepers. All our classes will awaken awareness to the truth about colonization and its hold on the entire globe, the island of Puerto Rico will be an example of this truth. This retreat will be an intensive, spiritual and awakening retreat. We ask for respect for the land and the teachings that you will receive. Our farm is humble without all the comforts, luxuries and conveniences of modern living. It is a beautiful, vibrant place full of life and energy that heals and adds life.

Preparations: Please be prepared to study and stay with us for 3 nights and 4 days. We will serve 3 meals per day, cook with fresh and local ingredients. We will provide a space for rest, you will need:
Sleeping bags
Sleeping mat

Change of clothes (expect to get dirty and wet)
Sunscreen (lotion or hats etc.)
Additional Services: Massages are available for $100. Healing/Herbal Consultations Available for $160. Please bring extra $$$ to receive these services.

Travel & Misc.: All individuals must arrange for their own arrival and departure to and from the meeting point in Mayaguez. Lara will coordinate all travel/communication/logistical clearances between hosts and attendants.
Cost: Cost for entire retreat including meals $1000. Non refundable Deposit of $250 due by December 7th 2018.
Maximum Attendees allowed: 15.

Course Descriptions and Prospective Itinerary:
Day 1 Morning to organize arrival to farm. Be at farm by 12. Lunch. Everyone must be in attendance. Cover Rules of Farm and home.
Class 2p: Introduction to Decolonization: A discussion ( we will cover history of island, the world, how colonization has programmed entire societies intergenerationally, it’s programming system and injustice. This class is important because we will use it as a reference in proceeding classes).
Settle in. Dinner.
Day 2 Meditation/Yoga 6a. Breakfast 7:30.
Class 8:15a: Get to know the Land: Plant walk (Jorge and Ola)
Lunch 12:30p.
Class 2p: Political Formation: Who/Why are we farming?
Journal. Silence.
Day 3 Honoring Taino Directions/Yoga 6a. Breakfast 7;30.
Class 8:15a: Agroecology concepts tied into Caribbean techniques
Lunch 12:30p
Class 2p: Medicine Making with Diaspora Herbs and Stories
Music (Bomba)?
Day 4 Morning Journey/Yoga 6a. Breakfast 7:30
Class 8:15a: Basic “Permaculture” Techniques with a Puerto Rican Flavor
Class 2p: Herbal Concepts in Formulation
4p: Open Questions. Feedback. How can you use this experience to make a difference?
Closing. By 5:30p everyone leaves.