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Nuestra Raíces: ancestral and herbal knowledge for a new lexicon of health

Nuestra raíces:  ancestral and herbal knowledge for a new lexicon of health

Lara Pacheco, of Seed and Thistle Apothecary and Seasonal Wellness Clinic, will share from her Puerto Rican ancestral plant lore as a way to understand and stitch together the body, mind, and spirit connection that have been lost to our consumeristic culture’s perspective on medicine, the body and illness. Lara believes that connecting with our herbal ancestral narratives is a source of strength and resilience in the face of global ecological catastrophe. She also believes that those most marginalized by our patriarchal system will be the leaders in the emerging shift in consciousness and place. The real question is can we re immerse ourselves deeply into the web/womb of life through our stories and ancestral connections? We’ll also learn how it is possible to try and integrate ancestral guides into a herbalist practice. Join Lara, by gently immersing yourself in the deep vast ocean of ancestral knowledge and plant lore; since plants will help us lead the way.


Lara will be offering this class at the Dandelion Seed Conference in Olympia, WA.

Also at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering in Portland, OR.