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Teaching again at the 8th annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering

I'll be teaching again with the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering.

Building resiliency and autonomy via womb education

How do we as herbalists help guide our female bodied youth to cultivate the wild within, while giving them tools to resist aparadigm thatseeks to dominate, normalize, commodify, and surrender the free feminine spirit?  The confined parameters of power that plagued our ancestors for thousands of years continue today in different forms and begin with our youth.  Join Lara Pacheco from Seed and Thistle Apothecary who will share her model of work and tools in the form of herbal youth programming to assist them in discovering plant allies while also developing an awareness of their bodies and the surrounding landscapes and elements.  Herbs that we have worked with will be shared.  Rather than shame and fear, Lara seeks to build a culture of love and respect for the mystical nature of the female body and the beauty in all young body types regardless of gender. This work has been her greatest avenues of hope in a continuing climate of fear and patriarchal power.

Combating Systemic Oppression by Cultivating the Wild with Home and Heart grown Medicine

Join Lara Pacheco of Seed and Thistle Apothecary as she explores the various ways we can help connect people to the surrounding landscapes, plants, and the healing potential of their bodies while also sustaining a small scale herbal business that aligns with your ethics and goals.  She'll share the work she's been involved with in her neighborhood as a business women, community activist, and herbal medicine ambassador.   She's also discuss models of educational programming and the latest project of starting a mobile herbal clinic, The Seasonal Wellness Collective, to help perpetuate herbalism as a model of empowerment and access.  Also included will be a discussion of some vital plants to be a part and the drivers of this type of work.


Earlier Event: October 21
Forage for Health Fall Retreat