June Summer Fun Share

Rose oil


Taste/qualities: astringent, sweet, cooling, moistening


USE: Rub on any inflamed parts of the body, especially in any mysterious allergic outbreaks that leave your skin full of hives.  Also is useful on burnt skin in conjunction with St John’s wort oil.




Rose tincture


Taste/qualities:  astringent, sweet, cooling, moistening yet drying with the astringency, restoring, decongesting


USE:  An herb and flower that has long been revered since the Middle Ages and for good reason.  Its selection here for your use Matt is really as a decongestant to the liver, to help promote bile flow to improve digestion, and to clear toxic heat as a tonic.  In acute situations, it can help with any type of inflammation internally or externally and help reduce infection.  Think of why it was so popular in the Middle Ages.  Also helps lift the mind and heart.

Nasturiam vinegar


Taste/Qualities:  sweet, sour, pungent, drying and cooling


USE: as a general daily drinking tonic.  Use it to help stimulate digestion or your appetite.  Apple cider vinegar alone is a wonderful tonic full of digestive enzymes and anti-microbial properties but combined with an extraction of nasturtium flowers is a special treat of spice and enzymes to help support your body.


Preparation: Can either sip directly from the bottle for a powerful mouth punch or pour a little bit into your water or sparkling water as an alternative to a cocktail party.


California poppy

(Eschscoltzia californica)


USE:  Spanish colonialists discovered its use by Natives as a sedative for children.  It still acts as a gentle, cooling nervous sadative and neuromuscular relaxant.  California poppy is commonoly used for insomnia, pain, tension headaches and anxiety with diet, sleep and lifestyle considered.


Dosage: For sleep support 15-30 drops an hour before bed and another 15 drops in bed if still restless.  Anxiety, pain 15-30 drops for acute symptoms.



(Calendula officinalis)


USE: A flower of the sun representing fire and solar energy and bound up with much medicinal power.  It exudes its strength as a flower most flavorly in the mouth.  As a poultice it helps prevent infection and heal any immediate wound, it’s one of my favorite first aid remedies around the house.  Use it as a wash or gargle or douche for fungal, yeast and bacterial infections. Internally as a tincture, I like to include it in any formula in which I’m addressing lymphatic congestion.  As a wonderful restorative in tissue repair, it also helps do the same internally to the body.




(Yarrow, Oregon grape root, Dandelion root, Burdock, Boneset, + Lemon balm)


Taste/Qualities:  bitter, bitter, carminative, and bitter


USE:  Well everybody is talking about bitters in the renaissance of distilleries and cocktails, but forgetting about the medicinal narrative of this fine concoction!  These very bitter herbs have a primary action of stimulating salivation thereby initiating the digestive process.  In addition to the bitter are some carminative herbs like Yarrow and Lemon balm to keep things stewing along.  Drop some of this into your favorite cocktail mix or into your sparkling water or even bring it to a party to share while everyone gorges themselves with cheese and nachos and need the aid of some digestive bitters.

Posted on July 29, 2014 .