May blossoms!

Nutritious tea

Horsetail, Nettles, Violet leaf


Taste/Qualities:  Nutritious, sweet, stimulating, relaxing, astringent, slightly mucilaginous, cooling


USE: Horsetail is known to help strengthen hair, nails, bones with silica containing properties.  Also full of minerals along with Nettles and Violet leaf, it provides the body with a gentle dose of vitamins and nutrients to the body.  All of these plants are also working to gently support the kidneys in its work to excrete waste.


Preparation: A tablespoon in a cup of boiled water, infused for 15 minutes.  Sip joyously and graciously whenever you feel like your body needs it.


Allergy Support tincture formula
Oregon grape root, Hawthorn berry and flower, Nettles, Turkey tail mushroom


USE:  You got the hay fever this Spring?  Are you sneezing a lot, itchy eyes, scratchy throat or congestion all around?  Allergies are no fun and neither are the anti-allergy otc drugs.  This formula is meant to support your body with the use of the turkey tail mushroom, which is an immune amphoteric.  That means it helps the body in immune excess or deficiency.  How brilliant!  The hawthorn is cooling to the inflamed immune state in allergies and Nettles has anti-histaminic properties.  Oregon grape is meant to help the liver detoxify as sometimes it can be ‘congested’ or overburdened with allergies.  Try it out or pass it along to a friend in need.


Dosage:  in acute situations, use 30-40 drops every 10-15 minutes until allergy attack subsides.  For ongoing allergies and preventatively, use 30-40 drops 3x a day.  Alcohol, food allergies can make allergy situation worse.


Nature’s Deodorant

Ring Botanicals Oregon Attar featuring essential oils of Black poplar, Mugwort, and Lavender, Baking soda, Corn starch, and Coconut oil




We say no to those toxic anti-perspirants that stop your body from naturally trying to detoxify through your pores, especially through your pits.  Can’t say we all welcome the smell that comes with a stinky pit, but we can use a nice alternative to the smell.  This deodorant blend showcases, Ring Botanicals, who is a Cully hero of mine.  She wildcrafts her own stuff and distills it all into lovely and potent essential oils.  I use her aromatic Oregon Attar along with other natural ingredients to stay onto them pits.  Use your finger to rub on freely after a nice refreshing bath or shower onto your underarm.  Enjoy!



Posted on May 30, 2014 .