April showers!!

Spring tonic tea blend

Nettles, Violet leaf and flower, Dandelion greens + root, Raspberry leaf, Yarrow, Red Alder bark, Yellow Dock root, Turkey tail, a touch of Mint and sage


Taste/Qualities:  Nutritious, bitter, sweet, stimulating, relaxing, astringent, slightly mucilaginous, cooling


USE:  This spring tonic tea blend is meant to help you transition well and gently this season.  A combination of the bitters, sweet, and astringent all work to have the body assimilate all the rich nutrients and minerals that are locked away into the cellular structure of the plant material.  It is a gentle way to help get your digestive system moving again just as our bodies are beginning to expand and adjusting to the summer season.


Preparation: Make a delicious infusion by having a 1-2 tbsp to 1 cup ratio and let it steep for 20 minutes before drinking.



Spring Rain Salve by Thirteen Moons Apothecary

with Dandelion flowers, Violet, and Cleavers.

The soothing affect of dandelion flower on tender glands combines with the delicate action of violet and cleavers to stimulate lymphatic movement.  This salve is also highly moisturizing and may be applied daily. 
Made with grapeseed oil, lavender essential oil and beeswax.

Posted on April 24, 2014 .