Items of March

Nettles succus and Cleavers tincture

Urtica diocia, Galium aparine


Taste/Qualities:  neutral, umami, nutritious, cooling, drying, restoring, stimulating, detoxicants, alterative


USE:   Succus?  Latin for ‘juice’.  What better way to access all the fresh plant jewels of Nettles and Cleavers then to make a succus?!  It is expelled fresh plant juice with a 20% alcohol content for preservation purposes.  Nettles succus mixed with a Cleavers tincture is what you have there in your hand.  Both plant materials together are nutritive in their high levels of mineral content.  Nettles is a abundant plant that works to restore the blood.  Nettles provides a deep, all around “detox” supports the body in allergies, arthritis, eczema.  It’s considered an alternative or a plant that helps the body metabolically assimilate nutrients and properly excrete waste especially through the kidneys. Great for those burned out on caffeine, sitting at the desk all day. Cleavers! Has a strong systemic detoxicant function primarily through the lymphatic and urinary system.  So think of it as a gentle way to assist your lymph nodes in keeping your immune system ‘clean’.


DOSAGE: For the general support of Winter-Spring transition, 3 dropperfulls in one sitting or spread throughout the day.


Oregon grape tincture

Mahonia nervosa


Taste/Qualities: bitter, cold, drying, stimulating, restoring, astringing


USE: Constipated?  Yes, please, I’ll have a dropper full of Oregon grape.  Drank too much, yes I’ll have 3 droppers full of Oregon grape.  Oh wait, you have a bacterial infection on your skin or somewhere internally?  Yes, I’ll have a couple of droppers full 3 x  a day.  This indispensable plant is not only one of my best plant allies in the PNW, but it is also a must have in a first aid medicine cabinet.  It’s what I bring in my travels abroad to help protect against stomach bugs and also help my digestive tract with its bitter properties to stimulate digestion and to assist in bile secretion that inevitably supports the good work that my liver does.  It’s invaluable for backpacking trips for prevention of infections from wounds.  I love this plant.  Let’s talk about it some time.



Posted on March 28, 2014 .