New Bounty for 2014

Red Cedar spray

Thuja plicata


Taste/Qualities: pungent, diffusive, bitter, astringent, cooling, drying, restoring, decongesting


USE:  Natives of the Pacific Northwest revered our Red Cedar as the ‘Tree of Life’ and indeed it was for it provided shelter, clothing, and medicine.  I still believe it acts as our local ‘Tree of Life’.   You can use the bark for various projects of basketry, but I work mostly with the leaves.  The medicinal benefits lie in its essential oils and tannins.  It’s wonderful at clearing out mucous damp and congestion, while toning any membranes that are releasing copious discharge.  So think of it for many organ systems.  Red cedar also has anti-viral properties so it’s helpful here in these days of influenza pandemics!  Psycho-spiritually the plant is also useful for grounding and for helping to connect us to the ancestors of this land.


DOSAGE: Contraindicated in pregnancy.  20-40 drops/spritz 3 x a day.


Nettles, Raspberry leaf + Porcini, Morel Ghee- Urtica diocia, Rubus idaeus


Taste/Qualities: savory, umami, nutritious, neutral


USE:   In these winter months, as many of our ancestors once did, we pull from what we  stored in the summer and blend it with the oils and fats we have to help nurture us through until Spring.    Here I have utilized my dried Nettles that I gathered last Spring and Raspberry leaf from the summer, which are both high in minerals and nutrients.  I used some dried Porcini and Morel mushrooms and threw all these ingredients into some ghee and heated at a low temperature to ensure proper extraction.  Spread it on some toast or use it to cook your eggs, vegetables.



Posted on January 29, 2014 .