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Balsam root syrup (honey)


Balsamorhiza sagittata




Taste/Qualities:    pungent, sweet, warming, drying (but made   moistening with the honey), stimulating and delectable




USE: As an aromatic expectorant, it   has a strong affinity for the lungs by helping to clear out and fight an   infection.  Moore describes it as a   combination between Echinacea and Osha.    He purports that it has similar immune stimulating compounds to   Echinacea, while containing those delicious resins and oils you find in Osha   root.  I used it in a tincture formula   with Turkey tail mushroom and as a immune syrup cordial with Eldberberry for   a recent head cold and found that it helped tremendously and made the   experience better just by the pungent taste.    The seeds, young fresh leaves and petioles have been used as food by   natives. 




DOSAGE:  For   an impending cold take a generous tablespoon at least 3x a day.  Don’t feel bad if you find yourself using   it as your dessert every once in awhile.    If you find yourself surrounded by sick children during the flu   season, I’d take a tablespoon before and after my interactions with them.




Elderberry tincture


Sambucus cerulea




Taste/Qualities:   sour and sweet,   cooling




USE:     The berries contain flavonoids   so are useful in cooling off hot irritated conditions with skin or allergic   reactions by opening up vessels of the body.    Elderberry is most widely utilized for colds and flus  and especially indicated for viral infections.  The seeds if eaten raw can cause nausea or   vomiting.  No seeds in this tincture.




Dosage:   for allergies 15-30 drops for acute symptoms and impending   cold 15-30 drops 3 x a day.    Preventative along with sleep and diet for colds/flus 15 drops 1 x a   day.



Mullein tincture


Verbascum Thapsus




Taste/Qualities:  astringent,   cooling and moistening




USE:   For the dry,   hacking cough where not enough sputum is spat out, Mullein is helpful   here.  Mullein has a cooling and   moistening action on the lungs and the throat.  It can be used to help with wheezing as it   helps open the chest.  As a cool astringent,   Verbascum can also temporarily help painful diarrhea.




Dosage:  For dry, painful cough take full dropper 3x a day and more drops if needed in case sleep is interrupted.


Figwort Oil


Scrophularia nodosa




USE:  As   a topical oil, great for first aid use in burns, injuries, swellings,   brusings, and other ailments of the skin.    Most known for helping to alleviate matters of damp heat such as   eczema or moist skin rashes, fungal infections of the skin.  Also in cases of painful hemorrhoids.




 Dosage:  Apply to infected area where there are wounds, sores, burns, any skin inflammation.


elderberry (Sambucus cerulea) harvest! 

elderberry (Sambucus cerulea) harvest! 

Posted on September 27, 2013 .