June uary gifts of plenty!

Chammomile in Glycerine

Matricaria recutita


Taste:  Bitter, sweet, cooling

USE: A calming delicious herb that helps support anything from general Irritable bowel symptoms, gas, indgiestion, heartburn related to stress and anxiety.  Used commonly for colic babies and teething infants. Also indicated for agitated depression, sensory oversensitivity, and tension headaches and PMS with irritability.  Organ affinities are the GI, Lungs, liver, uterus, nerves, ear, nose and throat!


Dosage: 15-30 drops as needed for acute symptoms.  For GI upset or restoration to damaged GI tissue in the case of ulceration, for example thwn 15 drops 3x a day for a month.  Avoid if pregnant.



Elderflower tincture

Sambucus cerulea


Taste:  pungent, bitter, sweet, acrid

USE: A cooling, moistening flower that is also drying through its diaphoretic (helps promote sweating through fever) action and best utilized for that case as a warm infusion.  Traditionally used as a syrup for flus, colds and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for rhematism dissolved in wine.  I like to use it to cool down any allergic , inflammatory responses I might experience and to have it handy during the cold/flu season.  Organ affinity to the lungs, skin, kidneys.  A pleasant and general promoter of detoxification.


Dosage:  for allergies 15-30 drops for acute symptoms and impending cold 15-30 drops 3 x a day.  Preventative along with sleep and diet for colds/flus 15 drops 1 x a day.


Awesome Lady Tonic Tea blend!

Red clover, Yarrow, Raspberry leaf, Shepherd’s purse, Motherwort, Rose


Taste:  Amazing.  Sweet, bitter, astringent, acrid, sweet, nutritive, pungent.


USE:  1 cup of tea with a 1 tbsp. infusion, so boil water then pour this over the tea in a strainer and sip at your leisure and pleasure and imagine just how much you are nourishing those hard working ovaries and uterus.  The tea with its combined force of powerful herbs all work to tone those tissues, help circulate the blood flow in that area, and support the hormonal messages between your pelvis and your pituitary.




California Poppy tincture (root + herb)

Eschscoltzia californica


Taste:  bitter, cooling, relaxing

 USE: Spanish colonialists discovered its use by Natives as a sedative for children.  It still acts as a gentle, cooling nervous sadative and neuromuscular relaxant.  California poppy is commonoly used for insomnia, pain, tension headaches and anxiety with diet, sleep and lifestyle considered.


Dosage: For sleep support 15-30 drops an hour before bed and another 15 drops in bed if still restless.  Anxiety, pain 15-30 drops for acute symptoms.



Women's tea tonic blend

Women's tea tonic blend

Posted on June 20, 2013 .