Blossoms up: April Herbal Share

1.Nettles and Turkey Tail Mushroom Ghee

Nettles (Urtica diocia) and Trametes Versicolor (Turkey Tail)


USE:  Throw into a pan for cooking, sautée as you would butter or cooking oil.


Medicinal properties:  Nettles with its nourishing properties can also be draining with the exception of when it is binded with fat or oil.  Ghee itself has been traditionally used medicinally in Aryuveda for its nourishing properties and it doesn’t contain lactose!


Turkey tail as a mushroom has endless benefits as an adaptogen, which helps our bodies deal with stress.  It also helps support our immune system.

2.Cedar Salve (Thuja plicata)

Use/Medicinal property:  Apply externally when necessary for skin irritations like eczema or for healing wounds.  Thuja has antiseptic properties but also anti fungal and her smell takes you back to our Cascadian forests.


3.Spring Tonic Tincture

Horsetail (Esquisetum arvense ), Nettles (Urtica diocia), and Cleavers (Galium aparine)


These three herbal allies grouped together offer a cooling and nourishing overall effect on the lymphatic and urinary systems.  Caution should be used with this axis leaning towards drying a person out since all three can be categorized as diuretics.  In small doses during the allergy season, this tonic can prove to be useful to help reduce and cool inflammation associated with allergy symptoms.  Take as needed, but more importantly examine deeper other possible food allergens that could have your body unable to handle environmental irritants like pollen.

4.Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridum) tincture

Root bark, fresh 1:2


Use:  Traditionally used by natives for respiratory ailments, rheumatoid arthritis and balancing blood sugar levels.  As part of the Araliaceae family, like Siberian Ginseng, Devil’s Club has also been considered an adaptogen to help one’s body cope with stress. Psychospiritually:  Helps with boundaries, ‘awakens energetic/sensory perception’.


Dosage:  10-15 drops 3x a day for Adaptogenic properties: 1 x a day, 15 drops. Psychospiritual: 1-20 drops whenever needed
Posted on April 16, 2013 .