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Cold/Flu Support Tea blend

Elderberry, Lemon balm, Beebalm, Boneset, Western Red Cedar, Mint, Lavender, Feverfew


Taste/Qualities:  Cooling, Warming, Drying, bitter, pungent, restoring, stimulating


USE: So you’ve got a cold.  You’ve got the chills or not, maybe some achiness, stuffed up nose, and general lethargy?  Well here’s a fine tea for you to provide yourself for some necessary self-care.  I’d recommend grating some ginger to add to this fine recipe.  If you experience a fever then this tea blend will especially be helpful to bring it to the surface, so you can then be healed!


Preparation: Upon apparent symptoms of cold/flu, drink a tablespoon to : 1 cup of boiled water.  Infuse for 15 minutes, strain, then sip.



Red root (Ceanothus velutinus)


TASTE/Qualities:  Cooling, Drying, Astringent


USE: Widely known for the might roots of the plant that have an organ affinity for the lymphatic system.  For weakness and bogginess in lymph nodes, post headache from a fatty meal (thanksgiving meal), Red root is actually known to help change the charge of our blood and help ease the work of our liver in this way.  You see red root growing in areas after a fire, as it is amazing nitrogen fixer for our forest floors.  Ceanothus is also indicated for fibrocystic breasts (think boggy lymph nodes here), mastitis, pharyngitis, and acute tonsillitis.


Dosage: 1 full dropper 3 x a day as a way to gently restore the function of our lymph nodes


False Solomon’s Seal (Smilacena racemosa)


Taste/Qualities:  nut like, sweet, moistening, bitter


USE:  M. Moore writes that the Smilacena is a mild anti-inflammatory that can help irritated gums, and throat and GI.  Also seems that that our friend has an affinity towards the lungs in a way that soothes and relaxes bronchial passages.  Seems like with the slightly bitter taste that Smilacena can help liver function, but it also can be restorative to the cells or tissues of the liver.  Brent Davis, DC, reports it’s helpful for women who are experiencing hormonal irregularities with a history of emotional and mental stress.  Matthew Wood reports its use for strengthening and moistening tendons and ligaments, but haven’t heard much success with this use.


DOSAGE:  30-40 drops 3x a day for irritation of mucosa.

Smilacena racemosa

Smilacena racemosa

Posted on November 27, 2013 .