Lara Pacheco grew up on the Atlantic beaches of Virginia.  Most of her early memories of childhood involved staring out the window during school and eating wild onions on the playground.  In college she studied Anthropology and traveled throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, and India, and constantly found herself fascinated by the loose threads of traditional knowledge throughout the world.  Intent on investigating and documenting traditional environmental knowledge, Lara had a moment of realization when she decided to learn these very skills that had been the focus of her academic pursuits. Lara wanted to be an active participant in the preservation and propagation of traditional knowledge, the knowledge of the plants and the earth.  As a Latina, she also wanted to be a part of the accumulated awareness that her ancestors had gained in relation to illness and herbal medicine.  Lara's grandmother knew plants in Puerto Rico that could help heal or help prepare a women for pregnancy, but somewhere that information has shifted in the tides of culture, and so she's been working to access it again.


Lara has lived and worked on farms, co-produced a bike tour farm documentary called Faces from the New Farm, and helped start the Common Good City Farm.  She completed the three year program with the School of Traditional Western Herbalism and also participated with the Cascadia Folk Medicine Making Herbal Apprenticeship and when not wildcrafting and learning from the plants then you might find her playing music, gardening, sailing, and spending time with family and friends.



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Kate Coulton
Kate first developed a passion for nature at a young age when she pondered the extreme efforts of people in her community to eradicate the dandelion. While studying Cultural Anthropology in Montana she became fascinated with traditional healing practices of the region and around the world. After traveling she decided to settle in the Pacific Northwest. Many great teachers and opportunities arrived including  a Permaculture design certification course,  the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and the School of Forest Medicine Immersion program. Kate currently works with Scott Kloos at Cascadia Folk Medicine. She has experience teaching people of all ages and particularly enjoys working with children and young adults. She believes the natural world around us is a great ally in times of transition. Expressing  deepest gratitude to the plants for their ancient wisdom,  healing abilities and their very existence as an individual is essential to her practices.